Laser Bike Lane Tail Light

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  • XFire Laser Lane Bike Light
  • XFire Laser Lane Bike Light
  • Laser Bike Lane Tail Light

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The Laser Bike Lane Light is a way to create your own bike lane that motorists will finally notice. It works by shining laser lines onto the pavement on either side of your bike. So now you can bring a bike lane to any road or trail. Works on pavement, sidewalks and dirt - just about any surface can be turned into a high-visibility bike lane to make you safer.

The Laser Bike Lane Light comes with everything you need to mount it to your bike, and it only takes about 30 seconds to install the quick-release clamp to your bike - no tools needed.

This laser bike lane marker comes with a usb charging cable, which it uses to charge the long-lasting internal battery. No more running out of juice when you need it most - just plug it in for a few minutes, and you’re good to go.

This laser bike light is also rain resistant, but is not made to be submerged, so don't even think about mounting it to a shark's head.

You can choose from a few different strobe patterns for added saftey. If motorists still can’t see you when you’re flashing lasers at them, then they shouldn’t be driving at night, because this thing will light up the street like a rock concert.

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