Local Motors Racer

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  • Local Motors Racer
  • Local Motors Racer
  • Local Motors Racer
  • Local Motors Racer
  • Local Motors Racer
  • Local Motors Racer
  • Local Motors Racer

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  • Description
  • Design Evolution
  • Construction
  • The Racer motorcycle is balanced blend of simplicity, individualism and modern performance. A classic Harley Davidson Sportster at its core, the Racer - while respecting its iconic lineage - incorporates custom elements reminiscent of the great 1970s BT44 Formula One racers to define a new class of cruiser.

    Features include:

    • 73.3 cubic inch air cooled Evolution engine
    • Formula 1 vintage racing inspired ram air-intake
    • Custom two-in-one exhaust system
    • Dual disc brakes
    • Solid wheels
    • Custom hard tail frame conversion
    • Customer selected paint with flat black accents
  • The Racer began its journey to reality in The Forge, as the LM Community, taking cues from DP Customs' previous work, created and submitted over 150 new and unique motorcycle design proposals based on a classic Harley Davidson Sportster. After weeks of peer critique and iteration, the Del Prado Brothers met with members of the Local Motors team and chose the winning design that needed to be built above all the others.

    Channeling the minimalist style preferences of the Del Prado brothers, and taking inspiration from the Brabham BT44 Formula 1 racecar, Portugal’s Andre Costa created a bike that gracefully demands attention. The Racer sets itself apart not only by what was included in the design, such as a modern Harley Davidson 73.3 cubic inch engine and signature Formula 1 inspired ram-air intake, but what has been omitted.

  • The attention to detail can be seen most in the construction process. The Racer starts as an authentic, pristine condition, hand-selected Harley Davidson Sportster. After the motorcycle is completely stripped, the necessary modifications are made to the frame while retaining the bike's original VIN plate, allowing for easy registration and insurability.

    Before component installation begins, all the components – down to the last rubber hose – are either fully refinished or replaced entirely for new equivalents.

    There will be no doubt, when you receive your Racer, that it has been painstakingly assembled, tuned, tested and tweaked for flawless operation.

    Design your own paint scheme or have our professionals help you plan it out!

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